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About us

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Web portal Dalmatia Travel was designed and created in collaboratin with eminent experts in the field of tourism, information technology and marketing with goal to be unique on this area and recognizable by its web design, functionality and technical capabilities.

Our goal is to be recognized by foreign guests, to whome after finding accommodation from our clients, we offer informations and tips what they must see and do while on their vacation, along with all other services they may need during their stay in Croatia.

Area of our activity is the entire Croatian coast with its background.

The focus of our offer is on advertising accomodation units (Hotels, apartments, apartment villages, resorts, villas...) in combination with services like gastronomic offer, excursions, cultural events, boating, transportation... 

It is important to mention that although we have covered entire Croatian coast with our activity, Dalmatia Travel also functions locally. Specifically, the portal is techincally processed in a manner that with ''clicking'' on a specific destination you get only the tourist offer available at that location which portal visitors show interest in by ''clicking'' on it. So, if he is interested in Zadar restaurants offer, clicking on destination Zadar will get exclusive restaurant offers in Zadar, and not in any other location. On the other hand if you decide to visit other destinations either a smaller or larger period of time, on our website you can find all the information needed to plan your stay there.


Considering the fact that Croatia is becoming increasingly recognized as a tourist country, and one of the most popular tourist destinations, Dalmatia Travel is designed as a web portal where foreign tourists will receive besides information regarding their accommodation, a wide range of information that will make their visit to Croatia beacome unforgettable life experience.


Economic studies have shown that during planning their vacations and finding accommodation online tourists are most often use words or phrases such as: Hotels in Croatia, Hotels in Dalmatia, Apartments in Croatia, Apartments in Dalmatia, etc. Or if they have previously decided on their destination, they search the name of their destination instead of a region or state. For those keywords on search engines ''google'' and ''yahoo'' we have top ranking. We belive that positioning is an great competition advantage and the main task of this portal, and in the future our priority is not only to maintain but aslo to improve current positions with every day.


We give also great accent on the speed and availability of our services, we consider them to be requirements of an professional relationship which satisfies our clients and guests of our web portal.

Excursions From Split and Trogir

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