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Dugi Rat

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The oldest settlements in the municipality are located at an altitude of 200-250 m, below the mountain, and to Jesenice , Zeljovici , Krug and Duce . Today envious abandoned because the population goes down to the coast for years, especially the last thirty years, because of the increasing development of tourist traffic. The old village at the foot of the mountains speak and archaeological findings in caves Turkey furnace and Ponistricama , which testify to the existence of life on this area since the Stone Age. Permanent settlement is confirmed by the ruins and piles of Late Bronze and Iron Ages. Residents Poljica ruins were built on hills, because with them to monitor the surrounding areas. Some of the crowd served as a cemetery, and some as a boundary of the Illyrian tribes. Most data on medieval Poljica gives us Sumpetarski kartular , the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter in the village (Sumpetar) , which tells about the life of the Split nobleman Gumajeva Peter Black , who was a 080 . was his money and his country built the Benedictine monastery at the place where the 1911 . The discovered remains of an early Christian basilica. Near the church of St. Peter is located, and the dual church bell , was built on the ruins of former religious buildings ...

Excursions From Split and Trogir

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