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Dalmatia tourist destination Split

Tourist info

Split is Mediterranean destination determined by historic charisma and Mediterranean culture. Split is cultural and tourist centre of Dalmatia. A destination that can hardly be described in words, it must be experienced. It will give you a perfect vacation. Split is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Croatia.  In the past Split was insufficiently explored by tourists, and has just recently been recognized as top travelers destination. In the future Split will most certainly play a major role in tourism throughout the Mediterranean. Private accommodation in Split, particularly apartments in Split, have experienced a major turn in quality of accommodation and services that accommodation offeres. Many old  Hotels in Dalmatia were renovated and new ones have been opened in the last few years. In this aspect Hotels in Split are tourism leaders in rapid development of tourist accommodation and turist service. Visit and explore Split, it's many sights, beautifull beaches, amazing Dalmatia gastronomy, hospitality, natural and cultural atractions. Every acient street in Split has a story for you to discover end expirience.  If you ever travel to Dalmatia, Split is a must visit destination. Discover Split and all of his secrets.

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Excursions From Split and Trogir

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