Welcome to Split dear friends!

Split is a magical city in the middle of the Adriatic sea.
In the last couple of years transformed itself into a hot hot destination.
The city Split lives and breaths toursim and for Tourists.
In these pages you will be able to get informed and find out all the bits and bobs about the city Split.

Apartments in Split

The collection of Apartment Accommodation in Split City

Hostels in Split

Hostel Accommodation in Split

Studio Apartments in Split

Collection of Studio Apartment in Split

Guesthouses in Split

Collection of Guesthouses in Split

Villas in Split

Collection of Villas in Split

Unique Accommodation in Split

Collection of Unique Accommodation in Split

Hotels in Split

Hotel Accommodation in Split Centre

Airbnb's in Split

Airbnb accommodation in Split...

Luxury Rooms in Split

Collection of Luxury Rooms in Split!

BnB's in Split

Collection of BnB's in Split!

Holiday Homes in Split

Collection of Holiday Homes in Split

Search for Accommodation in Split

Find your perfect Accommodation in Split

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